A piece of “Cranberry ” the day of healthy eating

Power Fruit Cranberry

Once a year, on the 7th March is the ” day of healthy eating ” as a guide for a thoughtful and balanced enjoyment. The nationwide day of action will take place this year for the 16th The event has made ​​it their goal to set up the important subject of food and health back more into the consciousness of the population. A proposal to the day of healthy eating from the world of confectionery: chocolate ” dark chocolate cranberry ” of VIVANI!

Sweet is not inherently unhealthy!

Healthy food and chocolate – how can that fit together? Actually Every child knows that sugar is harmful and belongs mainly vegetables and fruits on the plate. This radical view is, however, contradicted in circles by nutritionists for several years. As with most things, it is also used in the field of nutrition to a healthy mix ratio. Of course, the basis of the diet of fruit and vegetables should be (the famous “five a day” ) are made as well as cereals and whole grain products. Dairy products, meat, fish and fats should, however, be more economical doses. Right at the top of this so-called food pyramid but appear the so-called tobacco and confectionery even for children. The reason: In addition to the health and maintenance of the body, the diet is also the mental and social well -being – and as a part of something sweet but simply block it!

Study: ” dark chocolate cranberry ” contains important antioxidants

So it is clear that sweets like chocolate are not fundamentally unhealthy. One can even go a step further and find products that are even reputed to contain more health-promoting substances. An example of this is the VIVANI type of chocolate ” dark chocolate cranberry “. VIVANI was recently tested in a study with the Technical University of Braunschweig all dark chocolate to their antioxidant activity.

In all chocolate high levels of sekundäBitterschokolade with Cranberries Viva Irish plant ingredients such as polyphenols have been demonstrated, which according to many recent studies, a health-promoting effect is said. So you can hold, for example, heart and blood circulation, inhibit aggressive free radicals or affect blood sugar levels and fat positive. Containing these substances are approximately in green tea, red wine, or in cocoa.

In the VIVANI study was the antioxidant activity in the variety ” extra dark cranberry “, which has recently been supported by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft eV ( DLG) awarded the Gold Award, very high. Only one piece (12 g ) of this bitter delicacy with 70% cocoa content contains the same antioxidant activity as a whole glass of red wine (140 ml). Reason enough to savor a piece for day of healthy eating on the tongue. And since you really should eat healthy not just one day a year – perhaps it may also often times be one or the other bits!