False ways to get healthy…

We live in the most modern age ever. We use machinery, technology, products and stuff, that the generations before only dreamt of. And some people of these generations were considered crazy for having their dreams. But thanks to these “crazy” people and their crazy aspirations, we could live the way we do. We even take for granted the stuff around us.

But what do we – the people of the modern age – dream about? The perfect body? The excellent health? The ultimate beauty? Can we have it all? And what’s most important for us maybe is the biggest question. So we have plenty of room to make ourselves look good. We have it all… cosmetics, medicines… everything. But the truth is that most of this stuff is there to make us look pretty. There are these fierce diets that would make us get “the look” – to get in shape, to get fit and slim… But what about health… Do we really need all of this? If yes – for what: to get beauty, or to get health?

The ugly truth is these are mostly fake ways to get healthy. No make-up could hide the sleepless nights, no cosmetics could hide the stress, and no diet could solve the ‘weight-issue’ (if there is such a thing for real). So where do we start? Actually, we could both take care of the health and take care to look beautiful. Everything should be balanced. Instead the fierce diet, you could put yourself under a healthy food control (full of variety of food). The lazy weekend afternoons might be replaced with a bit of jogging in the park. And the dark areas under the eyes are not going to disappear if you don’t get enough of sleep.

If you are a parent, and you realize that something is missing in your life, here is the chance to catch up. No matter what we are talking about – things always always start from childhood. So if you think “I’m going to get my kid involved with a sport, when the kid gets a little older”…. Don’t listen to this voice in your head. Don’t put it off: the earlier – the better! Because while growing kids are only going to develop what they have already been taught. So if you want to put the begging of a healthy life of your child, get out together and play some soccer, basketball, go swimming or do any kind of sport. Meanwhile this would probably be the best time spent together, for both (all) of you.

There are many ways “to get” healthy – but only one true path – balanced (variety) food, doing some sports and, of course enjoying some good rest. Here is a video which will be helpful to understand your health better.