Stress vs Health

The stress is the first, the basic, the primary “thing” that messes up with the health. In fact the stress is its enemy. The stress is where most of the disorders begin. The stress is the reason for many disorders and it brings a number of complications, both physical and emotional. The stress is the king of the health trouble makers of our age. And it sure needs an antidote.

Thankfully, there is a good one. Yes, it is true some things could not be changed. Such as the work environment – mostly it is as stressful as it can be. Also the cleaning office could help. Remember that if you can’t change the stress at the work place, you can change the atmosphere (for yourself) you work in. But here is the joker – the stress might be fought back with physical activities. These are not only words. The stress is the biggest problem of the modern world. We are surrounded with all these new technologies, machines, transport that create the modern age we live in. But instead of making live better, easier and simpler, they make it harsher, more stressful and more hectic.

What has a vital importance for the body is to understand what the body really needs – and to respond to those needs. The perfect way to keep the body as beautiful and as healthy as it can be is to combine wholesome food, physical activity, labour and rest. Then the body would respond back with cheerfulness, beauty and health.

Now after all we are talking of both beauty and health. So how do we know that we see from the outside is actually the real reflection of the inside? Well it is just that simple… There is no way to ignore it – the face says it all – either if it is good or it is bad. It is “hidden” in the eyes, who could say much more than the words. Look at the face – it might not be as beautiful as your own idea of beauty, but so often there is that tiny spark of energy in the eyes and in the smile. And nothing could change the fact, that the face is the outside expression of the inside condition. No make-up could make this real, and no make-up could hide the reality.

The healthier the inside – the more beautiful the outside would be.